Varsha Verma


2019- Outreachy Intern, Openstack Working on adding RAID support for Redfish to Ironic and the sushy library and corresonding RAID storage resource emulation to sushy-tools.

2018 Software Engineering Intern, Microsoft IDC, Hyderabad Worked in a team of 5 for developing a web app for effective visualization of IoT data diagrammatically. Skills used: JavaScript, Typescript, REST APIs, Office Fabric UI, Asynchronous Programming, Azure IoT Hub, Sharepoint

2017 Software Engineering Intern, Microsoft IDC, Hyderabad Worked in a team of 4 for developing a tool for augmenting the existing web surfing experience in the Edge browser. Skills used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C#. REST APIs, Azure/Bing Search APIs


2015- Integrated Dual Degree (B.Tech + M.Tech) in Electrical Engg, IIT(BHU) Varanasi 9.05/10

2007-15 City Montessori School 97.50%


Parallellization of Particle Swarm Optimization on Raspi Cluster

Reduces the execution time of the meta-heuristic algorithm in arriving at the final result by parallellizing iterations using master-slave model via MPI on a cluster of Raspberry Pi’s.

Flexible Job Shop Scheduling using Grey Wolf- Whale Hybrid Algorithm

Implemented the grey wolf optimization algorithm and whale optimization algorithm in C++ and corresponding hybrid algorithm to solve the NP-hard Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Problem.

Autonomous robot on Firebird V

Used OpenCV for image processing for colour and number detection and corresponding locomotion using the shortest path A* algorithm aiming at picking and dropping numbered boulders from/into cavities according to given specifications.

* Please see my Github profile for other projects and pull-request contributions.


Code.Fun.Do Campus Hackathon Runner Ups organized by Microsoft (2016) and represented college at National level finishing all milestones.

Winners for Bizcraft, Case Study Event at Prastuti, IIT-BHU (2016)

E-yantra National Robotics Competition - qualified at Campus level and represented college at National level working on a full-fledged robotics kit.


  • Python
  • C
  • C++
  • Git
  • Web Applications & APIs
  • Distributed Systems
  • Parallel Computing
  • Windows App Development